Healthy, Unhealthy, & Abusive

What is the Difference between Healthy, Unhealthy and Abusive Relationships? Healthy is when you have some skills and capability to talk about how you feel, speak from your experience and empathize with your partner’s experience, too.

Unhealthy is feeling awkward about saying how you feel and may come from a lack of opportunity to learn how you feel and develop communication skills.

Abusive is about the need to control others’ thoughts and feelings because you are too afraid to take responsibility for your own.

Healthy is when you are listened to and respected especially when there are differences.

Unhealthy is when you are ignored and not respected.

Abusive is when you are actively disrespected, ignored and your ideas and feelings are treated with contempt.

Healthy is when you can have disagreements and still talk respectfully to each other.

Unhealthy is when your disagreements turn to fights too often.

Abusive is when you are afraid to disagree because you don't want to run the risk of your partner’s violence and anger.

Healthy is when you take time to become intimate and when both parties can be honest concerning their feelings about physical affection and sex.

Unhealthy is when you are embarrassed to say how you feel because you think they may not listen or care.

Abusive is when your needs and wants are ignored and when you are pushed into situations that frighten and degrade you.

Healthy is when you trust each other and are comfortable with your dating partner spending time with another person.

Unhealthy is when you feel jealous every time your dating partner talks to another person.

Abusive is when you are accused of flirting all the time and ORDERED not to talk to another person.

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